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The way I shoot look as much as possible to maintain a photojournalistic look without losing the artistic component of their wedding photography. I love to experiment and let me carry each time by my feelings, without having anything planned.


I am a press photographer who shifted to wedding wolrd few years ago. As i am used to work alone, i perceive wedding as a perfect chance for storytelling that can be personal. Everyone tells a story with a personal point of view that can be appreciated or not, but it’s still a personal interpretation; photography works in the same way.


Feel free to browse my pictures from previous marriages. If you feel that my idea approaches your not hesitate to contact me. I reply as soon as possible by sending information about my services, albums and availability date.
It Is my job, my passion, my view of the World
Destination wedding photographer

Gianluca Pavarini wedding photographer – destination wedding

My atelier is located in Via Contrizio 46 in Bienno, a small medievale village in vallecamonica, at north of the Iseo Lake, near Brescia. Now I work in Paris, when I live. I can travel anywhere, both in Italy and abroad. ITALY: Brescia, Milan, Venice, Verona, Florence, Siena, Bergame, Naples, costiera amalfitana, Garda Lake, Como Lake, Sicily, Puglia, Salento, Torino, Dolomiti. FRANCE: Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Cannes, Cote d’Azur, Bretagne, Normandie. WORLD: New York, Dubai, Los Angeles, Marrakech….and next stop is… YOU!